Our Team

Rob Schwarz

Rob has been playing fantasy football for 14 years. He has been playing daily fantasy on both FanDuel and DraftKings for the last three years. He has written articles for multiple websites, including daily fantasy articles that have been featured on FantasyPros. Rob plays daily fantasy all year and focuses on NFL, MLB and NBA. He focuses on cash games and believes in slow and steady production over dumping all of his bankroll into GPP tournaments in hopes to win big. This philosophy could stem from being a Bears fan where mediocrity is actually success. Although he works in the corporate world, Rob is a writer at heart. He thinks he is funnier than he actually is, and probably not as good looking either! He looks forward to helping everyone win big while he sits at home doing research and eating Ramen.

  • Cash 80%
  • GPP 20%

TJ Brashears

A part time college student and full time fantasy player, TJ has been playing season long fantasy for 6 years now. He has had some success in his main league during that time, making the playoffs each year and bringing home two championships. TJ found his love for football when his Chicago Bears made a Super Bowl run back in 2005 and found his love for Fantasy when his team made a championship run with Aaron Rodgers at the helm in 2011. TJ’s love for fantasy football runs so deep he even wrote a college application essay about it. He’s played through many ups (drafting Knowshon Moreno in the last round in 2013) and downs (Spending a first round pick on Trent Richardson). However, TJ discovered the exciting world of daily fantasy during the 2015 NFL season and hasn’t looked back. He had moderate success during NFL and NBA seasons and really started putting the majority of his emphasis on DFS during baseball season. TJ looks forward to helping people become profitable players and is simply happy to have more players to sweat/tilt with him.

  • Cash 65%
  • GPP 35%

Charles Fellows

Charles has been playing fantasy sports for about 16 years now. He started out in season long baseball, but soon after found his true love football. Charles has played and won in a variety of different fantasy football formats, and is always a looking for something new to try. A couple of years ago he stumbled across daily fantasy sports, and considers that to be his new favorite format by far now. Charles started out in NFL and then after a little success he decided to branch out to his second favorite sport the NBA. Charles considers himself to be more of a cash game player than a GPP player, but this year he has decided to branch out a little more and put some added focus into GPPs. Outside of the fantasy sports world Charles is a store manager at the world’s greatest convenience store QuikTrip. The little time that he is not at work or doing some kind of fantasy sports research he likes to binge watch shows on Netflix. Some of his all time favorites The Wire, Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Stranger Things, and oh so many more. Charles looks forward to helping everyone become more consistently profitable in DFS, and maybe even take down one of the big ones. You can always get a hold of Charles on Twitter on his personal account @TheRealCRFTV or on the House Money account @HouseMoneyDFS.

  • Cash 80%
  • GPP 20%

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